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Contract Services

We expertise on providing consultancy services in the following sectors:


Global Development  experienced Marketing and Sales consultancy team, specialises
in Market Analysis, Generic Planning, Prognosis and Pharmaeconomics.

Important Keys to success

genericmarket analysis

  • Provide analysis on international and Greek market environment
  • Analyse market drivers & barriers
  • Market successfully generics products

generic:  planning

  • Develop existing and new generic pharmaceutical companies
  • Design product development
  • Select target segment
  • Provide advices on successful marketing efforts
  • Design product attributes (packaging, labelling)
  • Design promotional materials

generic: prognosis

  • Analyzing the international generic market (database of International & European
    Generics Association) allows the understanding of international competition and
    the appreciation of the dynamic development.

generic: Pharmacoeconomics 

  • Analyzing and seek fund environments ( threats, opportunities )

PV Pharmacovilance 

Specialized in guideline on monitoring of compliance with pharmacovilance regulatory
obligations and  pharmacovilance inspections for veterinary medicinal

RA Regulatory affairs

  • Advertising and promotional materials review
  • Advisory meeting preparation
  • Bibliographic Application
  • CP Centralised Procedure
  • CEP Certificate of suitability application
  • CPP Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product
  • DCP Decentralised Procedure
  • BS Development bioequivalent study
  • Dossier Preparation and/orReviewing
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Filing Strategy
  • GCP, GLP and GMP inspection
  • Leaflets and Labelling - review, translation
  • Liaison with Competent Authorities
  • Licensing In/Out - Due diligence
  • Local marketing approval
  • Manufacturer’s Licence
  • MRP Mutual Recognition Procedure
  • Packaging requirements
  • PL Package Leaflet
  • Product pricing
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • RMP Risk Management Plan preparation
  • Strategic Advice
  • SPC Summary of Product Characteristics writing and amending