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Pharmaceutical registration dossiers is the key element of our business

Searching for registration dossiers and following on-going registration procedure

Pharmaceutical registration dossiers and registration procedures are an important element in your business. However, do you have sufficient in-house experts in order to carry out the work? Above all, do you also have the necessary time? We have established a business unit to support you in all the relevant areas:

Searching for registration dossiers, on-going registration procedures and marketing authorisations that have already been issued.

  • Developing registration dossiers in patent-free countries with selected partners.
  • Developing registration dossiers for niche products with European partners.
  • Executing and supporting registration procedures upon request of the customer.
  • In-and out-licensing of innovative pharmaceutical technologies and novel products.

Our experts know the business inside out. Working together with you, they develop just the right solution, particularly when it comes to out-of the ordinary tasks. Please get in touch with us 

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